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Advice and Negotiation

Not all employment disputes are the subject of litigation.

Nor should they be. Often, individuals require employment law advice and counseling in order to protect their rights or maximize their opportunities.

We provide valuable advice and support to individuals who are facing workplace disputes with a focus on minimizing disruption to career goals, including:

  • Assisting clients to proactively address and resolve employment problems, such as harassment on the job
  • Working with clients to evaluate and request leaves of absence or accommodations for a disability
  • Constructively addressing pay disparities, disparate treatment, or other discriminatory practices.

We also assist individuals to maximize the value of their employment during work transitions by providing advice and/or negotiation services related to:

  • Offer letters, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, and the terms of equity or executive compensation
  • Severance proposals

What do we do? We help you protect your rights and maximize your value.

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